Consulate / USCIS Member Review #10401

Guangzhou, China Review on September 14, 2012:


Review Topic: IR-1/CR-1 Visa

- 1116 UTC+8 9/6/12
My wife arrived there as almost last in the line. I can see through her QQ mobile phone. The temperature is 88F. She turned in the documents and the Chinese lady ask if I had file taxes with my father. My wife told her that she didn't knew and I haven't said anything about taxes. My wife gotten a appointment for the next day at 0730. My mother in law was knitting at the 3rd Floor, lol.

- 0620 UTC+8 9/7/12
Called my wife and said she is at the middle of the line. I called her at 0952 and said she had pass. She said the VO is very social guy and only asked two questions. First is how did we meet and second is who is this person's name (my father). He gave her the white paper and took the passport. My wife noted they also speak Taishanese.

- 0830 UTC+8 9/14/12
Visa received!!!