Consulate / USCIS Member Review #10051

Kazakhstan Review on July 21, 2012:


Review Topic: K1 Visa

Hi. Sorry for this late review of my U.S. Consulate experience in Almaty. Nevertheless, here it is and I hope you find it helpful.

I am from Tajikistan and I had my K1 Visa interview in the U.S. Consulate in Almaty on April 17, 2012. My interview was scheduled at 8:00AM. I was staying at Turkestan Hotel (3000 Kazakh Tenge per night, single room) and got to the Consulate in a taxi for 700 Kazakh Tenge. I arrived to the Consulate 20 minutes earlier as instructed. I waited outside. They opened the door and called us at 8:00AM. There were 2 other girls who had come for their K1 visa interview as well.

At the security check desk they asked for my passport. My passport had a cover on, so they asked me to take the passport out of the cover. I did so. I was carrying all my documents in a plastic bag. They asked me to take everything out. They told me I can’t take any binder or folders with me to the interview. So I had to take all my documentations out of the folders and binder. I was also carrying our I-129F application package my fiancé had sent me and they would not allow even to take that.

But since everything was neatly attached and fixed they said I could take it but I have to have it folded open. I had my original NOA1 and NOA2 letters inside envelopes and my visa photos in a separate envelope and they asked to take everything out of envelopes. So I just took my documents and everything else I had to leave at the security desk and they kept it for me.

So, everything I brought into the building was in a stack of paper that I carried by hand so anyone could see that it was only paper.

After that I had to go through security screening and was given my token number. Then I and the two other girls were escorted to the Consular Section by Consulate security. I waited until my number was called and I submitted my appointment letter at window #4.

When my number was called again I took all my documents and came up to window #4. An immigrant visa assistant greeted me and said I must take all my documents out of even their clear sleeves. I thought it was a neat way to present the documents but it appears they don’t want anything except plain paper. So please don’t use any folders, binders, envelopes or clear files when presenting your documents. I had quite a lot of documents so it took me sometime to take them all out of the clear files.

I was asked to submit the following documents:

1. Passport
2. Birth certificate (original and translated/notarized copy)
3. Police certificate (translated and notarized)
4. 2 forms DS-156 (signed)
5. Form DS-156K
6. Form DS-230, part 1(signed)
7. Medical exam results (the immigrant visa assistant opened the sealed envelope, took the paper forms and returned the chest x-ray)
8. Form I-134 along with various financial supporting documents such as letter from employer, 1040 tax forms for the past 3 years, W-2 form, and other forms.
9. A copy of NOA-2
10. Three passport photos

Then I was asked to go to window #1 where I paid $240. After that they took my finger print scan at another window. After that I went back and waited until they called my number again for the interview.

When I was called by the CEO for the interview I took all my remaining documentations, my I-129F package, relationship proof, etc. and then went in to the interview room. The CEO was a nice woman around 40 years of age. She greeted me and I sat down.

The first question she asked me was how I met my fiancé. She also asked questions like when was last time I met my fiancé, how are we planning our wedding in the U.S., what would I do when I come to the U.S. – would I work or stay at home. I answered all her questions honestly. Then she said, “Well I know there is a big age gap between you two. How did you know your fiancé was the one?” I answered this question too. Then she said, “You are approved. You can pick up your visa on Thursday at 10:00AM.” She then asked me to repeat after her the oath. Then I signed the DS-156K form.

I was so happy. I thanked her then left. She did not ask to see any proof or any document. But I could tell she knew our story. This let me know she had reviewed our I-129F package in detail. It was a very quick and pleasant interview. Thank you!

On Thursday, April 19 I picked up my passport with visa and a yellow package at window #4. Be sure to bring a photo ID when you go to pick up your visa. This is needed for you to get through the security.

(updated on July 21, 2012)

(updated on July 21, 2012)