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Nashville TN USCIS Office Reviews

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Nashville TN USCIS Office Reviews
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Nashville TN Review #178 on December 9, 2003:



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Hi Everyone. I got my fingerprints done in Nashville today. I'm in the "I'm married but waiting for EAD and AOS" status. You know, I'm not even 100% certain exactly what the fingerprints are for but at least they're done. My letter said my appointment was at 1:30 and, from past INS experiences, I expected lines and waiting etc... However, I was the only person there. The people were very laid-back and friendly. I handed over my passport and marriage license (since my married name isn't on my passport yet) and filled out a form. Got my fingerprinting done on a computerized screen (was asked if I type a lot because my fingertips were so smooth haha! was that a compliment? :P ) and that was it.
It was a long day for a 5 minute appointment. 3 hours there and 3 hours back. When EAD comes around, I have to drive 6 hours each way. My mother-in-law asked if the INS thinks I have nothing better to do than tour around the state haha!
Just wanted to share.
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