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  1. Does anybody know if residents alien with Green card will receive a check? parent family base green card. thanks
  2. Its not for me. its for an in-law. generally, how long does it take to get a biomtric appt. if filed next week?
  3. I hope im in the right forum. I just wanted to know, can a reentry permit be file with USICS and leave the country while its being process? and or can it be filed at the consulates in the home country abroad? I kinda already know the answer, but i just wanted to make sure. thank you for the help.
  4. I found this info here. https://www.uscis.gov/news/news-releases/uscis-begin-using-more-secure-mail-delivery-service als through word of mouth.
  5. I'm not sure if im in the correct forum. If not, admin please move me to the correct topic. My mother in-laws is here in k3 family base visa ( arrived in April 2019). The USPS sent the GC but it was returned, exactly don't know why. We only found out about this after a visit to the local USICS office this month. I've also called them the directly, long wait but finally got through. Explain the issue again. So they submited a case inquiry and told us to wait for 30 days for a respond. As far as i know it, there are no RFE or any hiccup, other not being delivered. Ok so here is the question, i heard that they now are hand delivering GC directly to your door. And that if you're not home, i'm assuming they (USPS) wont leave any indication of an attempt delivery. That you have to visit the local USICS, sign some paper, and wait for delivery again. Has anybody experience this? sorry for the long text, and thank you for the advice,
  6. My spouse parents are here in the US. The Father received his Green Card, but the mother is waiting for hers'. The mother been in the country about 6 months now, but she's want to go back for a few months to take care some of her business. Can she travel back to her home country while waiting for the green card? as far as we know it, there isn't an issue with her green card. Thank you for your input.. i really appreciated it.
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