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    I, the unhappily married man, wishing for something better. Fely, the sister of an American citizen, denied a visa to visit her sister. The sister, looking for another way, decided Fely could only get to the US if she married an American. So the sister put her profile on cupid.com. Around the same time, I had also put my profile on cupid.com, just looking to see if any women might be interested in me. Soon, I saw my future fiancée's profile, and the sister saw mine, she sent me an eye contact, I wrote her, and we proceeded to tell each other about myself and Fely. I sent Fely flowers, a letter, a videotape about me. As I prepared my divorce from current wife, her American sister flew to the Philippines. Minutes after landing and being met by Fely, Fely sent me a text message saying she loved me also. As soon as I could, which was about 5 months later, I flew to the Philippines to visit Fely. There was an immediate chemistry between us, and 3 days later, I proposed to her in Tagalog. The 2 1/2 weeks Fely and I spent together were the happiest days so far in my life. And the months after my return to the USA were the sadest days. My divorce ended up taking 17 months. I visited Fely once more during that time, for 2 whole months. Upon returning from that trip I found my divorce had finalized, and I made plans to return once more to see Fely. A few months later that's just what I did, and we got married.

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