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    We actually met on facebook and we fell right from the start in november of last year.We decided that we wanted to marry by January.His marriage proposal was actually my birthday gift,that and he had a star named after me,yes a star.I just returned from Malaysia where he is in school and plays football on a Cameroonian team there.His country of birth is Cameroon.I never believed in true love until I met my Charles.Now living without him is like not being able to breathe..impossible.Im willing to do or go anywhere just so we can be together.I never knew that love could be so strong to feel it over 11,000 miles away.We talk 2 to 3 times a day on the phone.We text back and forth thru out the day and night.I wait up til 4am as he rushes home from work to call by video cam and then again before he goes to bed.Its been like this everyday since we met. While i was there with him in Malaysia the whole time I didn't open my own door not once,he cooked for me or we did together and he insisted on hand washing my laundry and would not hear of me helping..lol.I am his cutie pie and he is my honeybun..Every thought brings a smile to my face but a tear to my eye cause I miss him so much.He is my soul mate,my best friend,and the love of my life.

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  1. Can my grandmothers sister sponsor my Charles since I cant meet financial requirements?She is the only relative that I speak to and family I have besides my children,I live in Florida and she lives in North Carolina,would that effect anything?

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    2. brooks1380


      Thanks so much.So I would still be the sponsor and she would be a co-sponsor.Our income together would be accounted for together in the sponsorship?Is that correct?

      Can you tell me or is where I can find out the exactl amount of the financial requirement.In my home there is myself and my 2 children,and in my great aunt's home ,there is just herself.She owns her home and two properties and I own my home and one half of my property.

    3. Know_Ledge


      Are you filing the I-134 or I-864?

    4. brooks1380


      It would be the I-134.

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