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    Susan&Daniel reacted to Saker in British views on emigrating to America   
    Utter nonsense!
    Your partner is despised as she was a Scot in England?! I think you have been given a slanted version of the truth.
    The only offence that a Scot might take in England is that they feel they are accepted simply as being "regional" the worst they will hear is that they might be called "jock" when in a group of people. Now, let us reverse the situation, an English person in Scotland might experience real abuse as they are perceived as the bad people who did bad things to the Scots (the English policy in Scotland was primative and brutal) Popular culture likes to enforce a "them and us" philosophy between the Scots and the English (the movie Braveheart being an example) Today, the English born person walking through Glasgow is about as responsible for primative English brutality as they are for killing the dinosaurs.
    History shows that the Scots were good at fighting themselves, the various clans fought brutal wars for generations (just like other early civilisations) the one thing that the clans mostly agreed on was their despising of the English. A Scot telling of being despised in England is an example of someone reaffirming modern stereotypical popular culture rather than studying history.
    I dont personally feel a need to defend the English, only a desire to bash them with facts a little closer to the truth.
    Good luck with the visa journey.
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