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  1. Tourist visa's are always iffy in the Philippines. All your sister can do is submit the paperwork, got to the interview, and hope for the best. Example: Wife's cousin is a single mom with teenage son, she is a teller at a bank. They wanted to come visit us, and both were granted a 10 year tourist visa, first time applied. My stepdaughter is in the states six or seven times a year, (flight attendant for Emirates), and has been refused twice for a tourist visa.
  2. Op stated that the refusal was based on U.S. law.
  3. Unless the law has changed since we did it, no biological father permission was required. Father was not listed on the birth certificate, and it wasn't even brought up during the K1/2 interview in Manila.
  4. I was in Walmart last night and saw a guy open carrying. No one seemed to notice nor care.
  5. My situation was this; No biological father was listed on the birth certificate, so there was no one to notify. My county in GA allowed me to complete the adoption petition without a lawyer involved. I found most of the generic forms online: filled them out as best I could. The court clerk helped me change the ones that were specific to our court. They ended up only using about a third of the forms I actually filled out. The did require a Philippine govt certified (NSO) copy of the birth certificate showing no father listed. Basically the court was very helpful and the clerk went out of her way to help me. The approved adoption petition, and subsequent Georgia birth certificate were accepted by the passport agency as proof of citizenship. My advice to anyone contemplating this, is go to your local county superior court and talk to the clerk one on one. Saved me a bunch of money.
  6. DaveE


    It is frustrating and at times seems to make no sense. My step daughter is 7 years into an 11 year wait for her immigrant visa. She has been refused twice for a tourist visa. More frustrating is that she is a flight attendant for Emirates, and is in the states monthly on her crew visa, (wherever the A380 flies).
  7. Remember my experience was five years ago. I hope they have fixed this by now. I should not have had to remove conditions from my daughter since she was a US citizen. There would be no conditions to remove. The problem arose when I was removing condition for her mother (my wife). Vermont kept returning the paperwork saying the my wife's K1, and my daughter K2 were linked and had to be done together. I made an infopass appointment in Atlanta and explained to them the situation. They verified that my daughter was a citizen and did not have to remove conditions. However they said fighting with Vermont was basically useless and would take up to one year. Representatives told me the same thing. In my case, Atlanta told me to go ahead and act as if my daughter had to remove conditions and just submit the package like that. They also told me that when the permanent green card arrived for my daughter, to destroy it since she already had a US passport. Kind of pissed me off and the couldn't answer the question I asked, "what if my daughter didn't like the states and had decided to go home?" How would my wife remove conditions in that case. All I got was blank stares. Since the time, my daughter had been in and out of the states with her passport with no issues at tall.
  8. I didn't adopt her unitil she was in the states. I believe if I had adopted her in the Philippines in may have been different. We submitted her paperwork for passport as soon as the adoption was complete and she had her conditional green card. The issue arose was when her mom was trying to remove conditions and get her permanent green card and they wouldn't let her let her do it without the daughter.
  9. Wrong - A conditional green card holder is a legal permanent resident per USCIS). If they don't adjust status after two two years they lose their legal permanent resident status. The adoption occurred during her legal permanent resident status and was deemed valid for US citizenship by the state department. This was acknowledged by USCIS in Atlanta they just say they prefer you wait.
  10. I don't know about now. But when we did it appears that USCIS immigration and passport State Department didn't even talk. My wife and daughter came to the States on a K1 and K2 Visa. When I attempted to adjust status for my wife I enclosed a copy of the passport and adoption certificate showing that my daughter was a citizen. USCIS denied it saying she had to adjust status anyway (my daughter that is). Infopass appointment no help, getting in touch with my representative no help. Finally in Atlanta they told me just go ahead and adjust status for my daughter and destroy the green card when it arrived since she was already a citizen. That's what we eventually ended up doing just to get it over with. They had the gall to criticize me saying I shouldn't have gotten my daughter citizenship until after we had adjusted status for both parties. That was over 5 years ago and she has had no issues since then.
  11. We are hosting a family reunion in February in the Philippines. Wife has 11 boxes ready to ship and working on more. Good thing here they drop the boxes off at the house and pick them up at the house.
  12. Not illegal to make your own guns. The judge that issued the injunction is an idiot. The injunction prevented Cody from putting the download links on his website. Codieisfreespeech.com picked the ball and published them for him. Thousands of downloads already, and spreading.
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