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  1. Help ??? Joint Cosponsor request after interview

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    2. Quekon


      Yes Deenlee, they stated i have too much money going to my 401k account. I have about 30% of my check going into it. We just got another interview scheduled for 7/14. I have two joint sponsor hopefully we have no delays.

    3. Halo33


      Cool...good luck on ur 2nd. I had no idea they cared how you spend your earnings...now I am wondering what they will ask for when we get our interview hmmmmmmmmm.....be blessed

    4. Quekon


      Thanks a bunch:)... they didnt ask my fiance much but what was my name and when the last time he saw me after they saw my passport stamps they stated i must love him and told him to just bring back the joint sponsor info.. Wish you the best as well. DId you send the embassy a email requesting a interview

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