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    Travelling , sports and meeting new friends .

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    I met my Fiancee online in April and then I visited her in the Phillippines in Sept 2010 . We were engaged on Sept 2010 . I filed for a K1 Visa in Sept 2010,
    Our Visa was approved on 05/20/11. My Fiancee arrived in Florida , Usa on June 22. We were married on 06 August 2011.
    We filed for AOS on Sept 2011.Green card was approved in Nov 2011.
    Filed for AOS in Aug 2013 . Was approved on 18 Dec 2013 . Received 10 yr Green card on 27 Dec 2013 .

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  1. Hi Guys , My wife and I are filing an Affidavit of Support for a family friend for her petition ( I-485 ) . We filed jointly for the past 6 yrs . My question is - Do we need to complete two separate I- 864 - Affidavit of support forms and attach the required financial documents ? or can I just file one I-864 with the supporting documents ? I appreciate your kind response . Thanks
  2. The petitioner did submit the I-184 but was given a RFE ( Did not meet the required income level ) . Can My wife and I submit another affidavit of support as a co-sponsor . The petitioner is filing for bankruptcy and as a result do not wish to proceed with the petition . We just learn that the Petitioner wants to file for divorce and dissolve the marriage . Is there any hope for the family friend and her daughter ? If denied , what are her options ? Does she have to return home ? Can she remain here until after the divorce ? if she is remarried , how soon can someone file a petition for her ? I appreciate any input .
  3. Yes , they came on a K1 visa and are married . Is it possible that they can self sponsor themselves if the petition is denied. Someone said it has happened before and they filed as a self sponsor.
  4. Hi Guys , It has been a while since I was on Visa Journey . I have a question and hope I can get some answers . I am asking for a family friend . The Petitioner wants to abandon the petition and told his fiancée that the relationship is off after 1 year . He does not wish to proceed with the petition for his fiancée and her daughter . The daughter did her biometrics and his fiancée is scheduled for her biometrics later this month . My question : How can she proceed with the petition without the petitioner help ? I am willing to be a co-sponsor and complete the I-184 ( Affidavit of Support ) for her . Her daughter received a RFE for the I-184 and she have a deadline at the end of Jan to complete . What are her options at this point in the process ? I appreciate any input . Thanks.
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