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    On 11/22/2009, I returned to Vietnam. I lived temporary at 54 Nguyen Tai Hoc, Phuong My Binh, Thanh Pho Long Xuyen.

    On 11/25/2009, I met my fiancée for the first time at Coopmart Super Market in Long Xuyen city, where she worked as a saleslady. After a short conversation with her, I asked for her phone number. We started to be in touch by phone and going out for drinks and dinner, while I was in Vietnam. After I returned to U.S, we were talking through phone and internet connection using Skype.

    On 3/24/2010, I returned to Vietnam again, but I didn’t let her know about my trip, because I want to surprise her.

    On 3/31/2010, I visited my fiancée at the guest house at An Giang University in area B to surprise her. Luckily, she didn’t have to work that day and she didn’t go back to her hometown in Thot Not. From her hometown to Long Xuyen city is pretty far. Instead of driving that far to work every day, she lived with her aunt temporary. Her aunt works at the guest house at An Giang University in area B for many years. During her free times or on her off day, she often helped her aunt to work. This time we met, we were very excited and we talked a lot more than we used to.

    On 4/14/2010, I started to tell my fiancée how I feel about her and how much I love and care for her. I asked her that if she could be my girlfriend. She said “Yes”, but she looked very shy. We started to have a lot of dates going on. She even invited me to come and meet with her family.

    On 4/18/2010, I came to visit her family for the first time in Thot Not, Can Tho. Her friends and families really like me. They said I’m really kind and polite. They also said, although I grew up in U.S, I can still speak, read and write Vietnamese so fluently.

    On 5/13/2010, I proposed to marry her by 7:00 PM at Diamond café while we were dining. She accepted my proposal.

    Since I didn’t expect to get marry in Vietnam, I didn’t prepare documents required by Vietnamese authority to get married legally. Also, most of my relatives live in United States and they were too busy to travel thousand miles away. For those reasons, my fiancée and I decided to get married in United States within 90 days of her arrival, so my relatives can witness that I finally get married.

    On 6/13/2010, my fiancée and I officially celebrated our engagement party conforming the Vietnamese traditional culture at my fiancée home, following a reception at Thang Loi 1 restaurant located at 1 Le Hong Phong, Phuong My Binh, Thanh Pho Long Xuyen city with approximately 320 guests. Although my relatives were not able to attend our engagement party, we turned on Skype with webcam and a large screen projector to allow them to virtually attend our engagement party. I was really excited to see my family on the screen that day.

    On 6/19/2010, 6/20/2010, and 6/21/2010, after our engagement party my fiancée and I, and her family took 3 days vacation to visit Ha Tien, Chau Doc, and other surround area around.

    On 6/28/2010, I left Vietnam and heading back to U.S. My fiancée was really sad from her home all the way to the airport, but she tried not to cry at all. In the end, when I get ready to go on the plane, she couldn’t hold anymore and started to cry out loud. I held her really tight in my arm and I said “I love you baby. I will be back soon. Wait for me ok?” She said “Yes, I will wait for you. No matter how long, I will wait for you”. On my way back to U.S, I couldn’t stop to cry and think about her.

    On 1/30/2011, I returned to Vietnam to celebrate Vietnamese New Year with my fiancee and her family.

    On 2/14/2011, I drove my fiancee to a dining place where we have our first date. I bought her a dozen of pink roses and a little cake. We had a fun times while I was in Vietnam

    On 2/17/2011, she traveled with me to the airport. Once again, I left her by herself in Vietnam. Our hearts were broken again on this date. But, I keep my finger cross everyday knowing that she will come to live with me soon.

    Mong Cam and I still remain in contact while we’re apart from each other. We also intend to marry and look forward to starting our lives together as husband and wife when she arrives here in the U.S. She is always there for me, patiently listening to my problems, shares her opinions and thoughts, and I did the same for her.

    I found a woman that I love very much. More importantly I found in her what I’ve been looking for all my life. She is my life, my love, and I want to spend the rest of my life with her.
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