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  1. Mmmm... I've found that my cheery attitude pre-NoA2 has been quadrupled. Now I'm going to be even MORE obnoxiously cheery, if that's possible. (I'm sure some will call me ignorant since I "don't have to wait" anymore, though. Oh well!) :)

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    2. DiZZyLoX


      you GO girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *does happy dance for you* so happy to be getting a kickass person in my country instead of some crotchety ######. Welcome welcome welcome ;)

    3. Charles-n-Erica


      Kiwi!! I need some of your cheerfulness! Yeah, congrats to you and your SO! Good luck for the rest of the journey!!

    4. Mariye & Ky

      Mariye & Ky

      And this is why we had to convert you to our Dec 2010 K1 forum! BTW, if you keep that Kiwi Bird Call up, you're bound to bring on a million more like you! Whistle away....