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    We met online 8 years ago through a Christian chat room. Matthew swears it was MSN Chat, but I am positive that it was Yahoo Chat lol. We still disagree on this lol.
    We chatted, emailed, talked on the phone for about 2 years. In those two years we became really close and decided it was time to meet. I bought a plane ticket and we made big plans about what we'd do while I was there! We were quite young at the time when all of this took place.
    With only days away from my departure to his home state, I (Tara) made a decision to not make the trip. As a result, we stopped talking, sending emails, etc. for 3 whole years!
    Finally in 2008, Matthew found me on Facebook and sent me a message saying, "Water under the bridge?? It is for me." When I read that I jumped at the chance to get reconnected with him! Little did Matthew know at the time that just before he made a friend request for me on Facebook, I had already been secretly looking to see if he was on FB lol.
    From 2008 to 2009 we remained casual friends, just emailing here and there, catching up. It was nothing too serious at first, but as the months went by our friendship was definitely moving towards something much deeper.
    Nearing the end of winter 2010, Matthew confessed that he had a huge desire to meet me face to face and that this time he'd make the trip out to meet me! Months leading up to his confession I had literally been praying and asking the Lord for those exact words out of Matthew's mouth! It was a miracle to me!
    August 2010 Matthew made the trip to Canada to meet me and it was the most incredible experience both of us ever shared and we shared it together!
    Matthew proposed in November 2010 and we filed for our K-1 visa in mid December! It's been an incredible journey for us thus far. We love each other so much and are counting down the days til we'll be husband and wife! September 9, 2011!!!!!

    Praise the Lord!

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  1. HELLO!? Hey how's it going? We'll have to catch up soon girlfriend! Love ya, Mari

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