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  1. This is all fantastic info - thanks Mike E. On the quote above - one geographic/health stipulation my in-laws have is that they can't go to their home country's embassy (in La Paz, altitude, bad news for older folks with high blood pressure). Instead, they intend to go to the US Embassy in Paraguay. This is nothing new to the embassy in Paraguay. Do you happen to know if I'm able to "select" the Embassy that needs to contact my in-laws? Thanks again Mike (and everyone watching).
  2. Hi all - I had an additional question on process. Once the i130 is sent, what should we expect to get back if approved? a. Approval, and a request for us to initiate setting up an appointment for consular processing (we choose date/time from available options) b. Approval, and a date/time already set up for us for consular processing (USCIS chooses date/time for us) c. Approval, and something else other than (a) or (b) Thanks! Edited for clarity.
  3. Thank you for asking a clarifying question. I didn't mean to cause confusion. These are her one and only parents, and they happened to be biological. In an effort to be fully thorough in my question, it backfired. Thanks again.
  4. Thank you to everyone for the fast response! On #1, this is not a tourist entry with intent to adjust status - not what I said. It's just that she wants to travel to the US and visit while the application is in progress. That's all. I'm good with it and it sounds like it won't be an issue. On #2, I looked up the USCIS fee and it's $220 - not bad compared to the $1200 AOS fee (which is irrelevant, not applicable in this scenario, but still!) Thanks again, will share updates once we begin.
  5. Hi everyone. Any input appreciated. My wife is a US citizen now, and she'd like to petition both her biological parents to come and reside in the US permanently. Her mother is currently on a tourist visa, with valid entry/exit stamps in the last 4 years. Two questions: 1. Can we begin the i-130 proceedings even if her mother happens to find herself in the US at the time? She is here periodically, and goes back home to Bolivia when the time is up. 2. Once we apply and i-130 is approved, what happens? I know her parents would go to the consulate in the home country. Is this the consular processing I read about? Do they get green cards right there and then? Or do they get a visa for entry and then once in the US they have to adjust status (which means $1200+ more money, each!). This is the part that confuses and scares us at the same time. Thank you Visa Journey fam. -JR
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