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    My husband and I are embarking on a new immigration journey and want to be as informed as possible. In 2008 we began his immigration process, to get him from the USA to the UK to live with me. It was stressful, but didn't take too long and everything went relatively smooth. However, now we're ready to make our life in the USA and so now we need to start a new immigration process. The UK to US process is already confusing me, just the form names and numbers is making me dizzy. And it seems like there are different routes we can take which doesn't help. A bit about us, we met in 2004 and spent 5 years doing the long distance thing. We got married in April 2009 after Adam moved to the UK. He's a US citizen and I'm a UK citizen, we fell in love and now we're just trying to find a place for a bird and a fish to be happy.
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