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    facebook email- love2traveljen@yahoo.com

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    I met my husband while he was working in Canada. I was a front desk agent at a hotel he was staying at. we fell in love! got married and living here in Georgia USA. Got our green card on my birthday June 2011, and waiting on the next step! loving life here with my love!

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  1. 8 days until my 1-485 Interview! anyone been to the Atlanta immigration services at 2150 Parklake drive?- if so please let me know how you did! how they were! thanks bunches!

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    2. Canadian in GA

      Canadian in GA

      thanks steph! did you get approved right away? and how long did it take after your interview did u get your green card? thanks!

    3. Steph0814


      Hi, i did get approved right away. it took about 6 business days.

    4. Canadian in GA

      Canadian in GA

      wow thats quick! so I am hoping ill have mine in a few weeks!!!! :)