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  1. Hi @mani 1 when exactly did you get approved and how long after did you hear from NVC? Im only asking because I just got approved on Friday. Personally I think you should do it by yourself, it will be cost effective to you and it’s not hard. I help a friend with one she was doing for her in-laws.
  2. Hi @jeanita68 congrats love! I’m just waiting for the next steps. I have everything lined up already literally. Good luck on the rest of your journey and blessings to you.
  3. @Amada eventually his invisible barrier has to be broken down! @gonzolux thank you! Your time is coming.
  4. Hi @Amada there is a huge difference in the time frames and i’m hoping to hear something sooner then later from NVC. I’m literally missing the medical documents and the police certificate from the country he is in now as I have everything lined up already.
  5. Hi @Amadia what country was the migration from and how long ago was this? My NOA1 was received on 5/25/18 Hi @Bayman thank you
  6. Hi everyone!!!! My husbands I-130 has been approved!!!! It only took 342 from the Nebraska Service Center! I’m very thankfully and it took a lot of patience. I’m hoping the NVC part speeds up lol. Just wanted to share my wait. If you want you are free to reply with your wait time and where you are with the process!
  7. Congrats to you. What was your filing date? Or should o say when your application was received by immigration?
  8. Thanks I meant to mention it’s at the NSC I just wanted to get an idea of how man if any have heard even heard back from them.
  9. Hello all, i filed i-130 on May 25, 2018. Still haven’t heard anything back from USCIS. Are there any other May filers going through this?
  10. Congrat! Waiting on my Reply from them. The case was received on 5/25/18. When was your case received?
  11. I am very sorry for you loss and as stated you have to wait the five years. Also try to get out the house and occupy your time. Being alone isn’t what you need at the moment. Also @redheadguy03 she can say whatever she wants mentioning terms and agreements don’t matter. People on this site seem to be insensitive to folks when they just want a little support and want answers.
  12. @JuniorMints something like that. All you need to really have is a record locator.
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