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  1. A new week dawns, lets see some NOA2's coming through :) Trying the art of positive thinking. 2 days until Matt flys in :)

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    2. Lucy NY

      Lucy NY

      Thanks guys :) Hoping we have lots of fun and it pushes the NOA2 out of mind :)

    3. EllaC


      It will, trust me. You'll be with your sweetie and you won't even feel it, the world around you doesn't even exist. At least that's what I felt when mine came to see me. :P

    4. Wish ME Luck

      Wish ME Luck

      Good positive thinking, i hope it work. But you know what get me is, gezz.. how long does it take to look and a file and decide yes or no or need more information? i wish they would just do something with it.. haha

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