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  1. is going to fly to Vermont, sit on the floor at the service centre and cry like a baby if those bastards dont hurry up soon!!

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    2. Lucy NY

      Lucy NY

      ha I know it wouldnt help but its what I feel like doing right now. I just want it through so we can get moving onto the next stage :) My OH is over next week for 10 days so im hoping that will wake my mind off of the waiting!!

    3. Robert de Bonda

      Robert de Bonda

      I go away for 3 hours and Lucy goes nutz!!! Slow down when you drive past Albany and I'll jump on the back of your car.

      Seriously, as JESA0726 said, I have a good feeling about next week as well. Hang in there kid.

    4. EllaC


      Your status amuzed me. Hi hi. :P It will be fiiine, your NOA2 is on its way, I'm sure.

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