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    Had my medical on Aug.9, 11 @ 9 AM. It wasn't too busy when we went up (Medisys Montreal), they're on the 11th floor. After checking in, we waited for about 10 minutes before being called in by the first doctor for a routine check up. He had me breathe in and out, felt my abdomen, and did the knee knocking with a metal hammer with a rubber tip. That all took about 5 minutes. The longest wait was ahead for the blood test, that probably took about 40 minutes and the blood test itself took about 5-10 minutes too. The nurse called me in and weighed and measured my height, then did a quick eye exam which consisted of reading the second to last line of alphabets. After that, sat down in a comfy chair and the blood test itself took about 1 minute. It didn't hurt too much, but I had to use a butterfly needle because I had very thin veins. I went back out to the waiting area for about 2-3 minutes and was called in for X-rays. They had you change into a gown with your bra off, panties on, and the x-ray itself took about 3 minutes. You receive this red piece of paper to give to receptionist, then you go back and wait for about 5 minutes, then they call you up to pay, print your receipt and you're on your way. We are picking up our results on Friday, Aug. 12th, 11!

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