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  1. Hello all, I would like to know if there is anyone here in VJ who experience declaring HIV status during medical. I am the primary applicant of an eb3 application and my husband is hiv positive. we are both living in the UK at the moment but originally from the Philippines. I have been researching online if there are any blogs relating to my concern. The fact is, my husband will have his medical this coming Monday. My US visa has already been issued. I know that once we declare his HIV status, he automatically needs to undergo sputum test. I have been reading CDC guidelines about HIV but I am still confused about the lifting of ban for HIV in the US. We have all the needed document for the medical including a GP summary which is required for medical in the UK. We decided to set his interview atleast 6 weeks from his medical because it is about that long for the sputum test result to be available. I have a couple of concerns that I hope one of you here could shed light to our situation. We decided to declare his HIV status because apparently, there is no where to hide it, the US medical in London has a checklist where you need to check whether or not you have the disease. The GP summary also outlines the medication is he currently taking. with regards to public charge test, this is where I am totally confused about. so Allow me to give you a deeper insigh of our situation and perhaps maybe you can give us an idea whether or not he is likely to become a public a charge. I am the main applicant of an EB3 employment based immigrant visa petition I am a registered nurse here in the UK and moving to the states as a Registered Nurse. My annual salary pre tax is 51, 072 as per my contract. I spoke with our HR department and inquire about health insurance. I was told that I can add my husband as my dependent on my health insurance. My partner although has HIV but is perfectly stable. He is currently working in a Hotel in the UK. He has a bachelors degree from the Philippines and has been employed since 2009. he was never hospitalized, or have any opportunistic infection. His viral load is undetectable althought his cd4 count is 160u/l. He's 36 years old, fluent in English. Its written in Immigration nationality act that the definition of public charge is when an alien becomes PRIMARILY dependent on public funds or will be institutionalized in a long term care and funded by the US government. In my opinion, my salary is more thant he poverty limit on the state where we intent to live and I personally do not think we will be primarily dependent on the government for cash assistance. but how will I prove this to the consul? what do you think would be the consul's decision as per " public charge". I look forward to your response. Thank you.
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