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  1. Visa Wavier imposed 10 yr ban!!!!!

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    2. Nina and Erwin

      Nina and Erwin

      I would love to go there! I can't i have a 8 yr old.. here. I posted on my topics what the paper exactly said.. No one can understand why. We just keep getting kicked. I love this man so much... i am trying not to give up. But i know i need a rest/ Break .. just for a minute. (sigh)

    3. Alan-and-Ira


      Hugs to you! God Bless you and help to overcome everything!

    4. Nina and Erwin

      Nina and Erwin

      Thank you very much!! God becomes more and more a part of my life. This journey sometimes will convince you to turn it over to god. Cause all you can do is believe that everything will turn out ok, and believe in that. Turn it over to god. Otherwise it will drive you crazy! Being seperated from your love like this.