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  1. UPDATE: I got my oath ceremony letter today!!!!!!!!!!! 🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳 Thanks to everyone who calmed me down and helped me feel less panicked about the outcome of this issue. Since this may help someone in the future, here is the evidence I sent: USCIS Letter Letter From Parkview Older Adult Tertiary Mental Health Program Explaining Father’s Condition Copy of Canceled Flight Reservation (by Airline) and New Return Flight Copy of Canadian Passport (all pages) Copies of all Tax Returns from 2016-2021 Copies of Chase Bank Statements: Home Owners Association Payments (See Management Emporium withdrawal) Gas Bill, Property Tax Payments Copy of Chase Bank Statements: Proof of Car Lease Payments Chase Credit Card Statements: Phone Payments, Health Insurance, Department of Water and Power Payments, Home Wifi and Phone Bill, US Based Entertainment Payment (Hulu), Home Water System ( Alpine Fresh Water) Bank of America Statements Showing Activity Property Tax Bill SocalGas and DWP Bills Cell phone payments Proof of Car insurance/ Home Insurance and Payments Proof of Car registration Proof of Business Registration (Issued 2021- Shows has been active since 2013) Proof of Business Insurance 2 passport style photos My lawyer told me that they care about quantity over quality so if you're in a similar situation, send all the evidence you possibly can. I'm so relieved!!! After 1 1/2 years my citizenship process has come to a happy ending!!!
  2. It says to mail it but online there is an option to respond by uploading the documents.
  3. Hi All, Need some advice. The USCIS officer sent an RFE after my N400 interview cuz I was out of the country on a trip for 180 days durning covid and they needed proof I did not abandon my life here. I sent a huge binder with plenty of proof that I kept all my life here in the USA. I see that it was delivered and picked up at the post office. I'm still a little nervous as I have no actual proof they got it. Should I upload all the info to the website too, just in case, or am I being paranoid? The response must be in their hands by April 5th. Thanks Sara
  4. Thank you. I was getting worried a bit this afternoon. This has calmed me down. 💜 Thank. you!
  5. Thank you. She didn't actually say abandon. That was my wording. She just said it could effect my eligibility and she needs to see my evidence before making a decision.
  6. No, I didn't work in Canada. I'm a therapist that works for herself. I only worked when I was in the USA.
  7. It really is a ####### shoot. I was in the same boat as you and it took 13 months to get my interview while I saw others get it in 6 months. It all depends on your service center and number of applicants. Hold tight. You'll get there.
  8. Hi All, So I had my n400 interview today after 5 years of having a green card. Most of the interview went well. I passed for the most part except for an exactly 180 day trip I took in 2020 during the height of covid. Initially, I went back home to visit my family in Canada for about a month but when covid hit my flight back was canceled by the airline and to be honest I was terrified to get on a plane with the situation the way that it was. Anyways, I ended up spending exactly 180 days out of the country. The officer said she couldn't approve my case before she saw some evidence that I didn't abandon my residency. I told her I had the evidence in hand but she said, "No." She would send me a letter and I would have to mail her the evidence. Then she would make a decision. I have plenty of evidence, taxes, home ownership, hoa payments, insurance, car lease, bills etc. My question is, has someone on here successfully handled this type of letter? Also what can I do to convince the officer that it was temporary and had everything to do with covid and not any kind of plan to let go of my GC or citizenship application.Also, for those who may ask, I didn't get a re-entry permit. Thanks, Sara
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