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  1. Thanks for the replies. What is it for anyhow? They gave her the certificate today. Are they mailing something as well?
  2. Unit 52.... but Unit isnt an option. The only options are Apt., Ste., and Flr.
  3. I am filling out page 4 of the Notice of Naturalization Oath Ceremony. For address it says : Street Number and Name and then there are boxes for Apt, Ste, Flr and then a box for the Number. In my community, all of the homes are 3210 Smith Street and then each house has it's own #. Ie. 3210 Smith Street #52 Since it doesn't give me the option to put # or Unit. Which box do I check? Apt, Ste, or Flr? Thanks!
  4. Wife had her interview today in San Antonio. Very easy... only asked for the items on the N400 appointment list. Didn't need tax transcripts, photos, etc. Only asked 6 Civic questions since she got the all right. My conclusion.... I think they are trying to pass everyone. The 6 questions were like the most basic, easiest questions. My wife speaks very little English... wasn't a problem. We applied for N400 on October 2, 2021 and it listed approximate time as 13 months. Here we are today 74 days later and she has passed her N400 interview. They said she'll get a letter in the mail to come back for Oath Ceremony. FWIW- There was an oath ceremony today that was lined up at the same time as the N400 interviews. My wife said they entered and were done and out of the ceremony before the folks waiting for the N400 interviews were called in. I.e. The Oath Ceremony lasted 10 minutes max. Perhaps it varies by Officer or location, but from my eyes, my conclusion is they simply want to collect the $800 (or whatever the cost was) have an interview to just say it was done, and then give everyone their citizenship as fast as possible. I.e. No need to sweat it. We waited 10 years. Part of that was because my wife really speaks zilch english. I work from home, she's a housewife/1% owner of my company and does light clerical work, and we're together 24 hours/day and usually just speak in Spanish so we were kind of sweating whether she would pass the English part or not or flop in explaining stuff on the application in English. It was a breeze. No need for anyone to worry IMO. Forgot to mention... my wife said the officer told everyone to have their letter and ID out to speed things up. My wife said there were people who did not understand those instructions. Ie. People who clearly spoke less English than my wife, so that clearly says something about the need, or non-need, to really be able to speak or understand English.
  5. Oh Snap, thanks so much for the explanation. We will absolutely get some passport photos to take. What's the recommended amount? 2 or 4 photos? Thanks again Mike!
  6. We were only able to get 4 years of tax transcripts off IRS website. That's all they said were available. Should I print out our 2016 tax return and have her take that with her to make it 5 years? Back to the passport photos question.... passport photos needed for the N400 Interview? I'm not sure I understand why.
  7. Thanks Mike! Passport is expired. I assume my wife will need to travel on her US one the next time we go to Colombia and she can renew her Colombian passport at that time (after US Citizenship, obviously). Passport photos needed for interview? Evidence of address, yep... all the utility bills are actually in her name. Of course her state ID card doesn't have the correct address, but all the utiility bills do. We will print out 5 years of tax transcripts, just in case, as well. Thanks!
  8. Thanks Sebat4! Personally, I would rather not change our ID's addresses with the DPS. I've had the same address on my ID for 20 years. I've probably moved 6-7 times and I've never changed it. It's to a UPS store. I have my own personal reasons for not wanting to change my ID's address. I get it, with USCIS she's required to tell them where she physically live, which we have done... but it's not the same address as her ID and the list of requirements doesn't ask for an ID. She mentioned that they might ask for ID when she enters the building. I have told her that her green card should suffice as that is a Federal ID. You used the abbreviation IO. I am unfamiliar with that term. What is an IO?
  9. My wife's N400 interview is next week. She's been a permanent resident for about 10 years. We are confused on what all she needs to take. We received a letter with a list of items to take. Do we need to follow those instructions or do we need to bring extra stuff? No where does it say to bring a state issued driver's license or ID, nothing about bringing tax returns or tax transcripts, etc The letter says to bring 1) this letter, 2) green card, and 3) passport. Nothing else listed. Any need to take anything else? I helped her with the N400 application and I know we made numberous errors on it. Do we need to send corrections to those errors through the USCIS website prior? Intereview is in a week. What kind of errors? 1) One trip date is off for a week, 2) Another trip date is off by a week b/c we were in Puerto Rico for a week and we listed that as part of the out of country visited countries, 3) We answered the question about taxes incorrectly bc I said we should "Yes," on have you ever not filed or paid taxes on time. We filed late numerous years and we have been completely caught up for years. It's complicated as I personally had some serious health issues and I own a business. I was in no position to be worrying about paying taxes ontime. Regardless, as I said, we answered Yes and I wrote out this 2 page explantion which I am certain my wife will not be able to explain. I should have just said, "No," according to an attorney, so should we upload a letter to USCIS saying we answered the question incorrectly and the answer to that question is "No," so they don't ask her anything about that? There are other errors as well. Nothing major. Should we inform them of all the errors we know of now, or shall she mention them in the interview or only inform them if they ask.... assuming she even knows the answer. She would NEVER be able to answer the tax info. Heck, it would take me 30 minutes to explain the tax situation.
  10. Wow, they asked you for your driver's license? Was that listed as one of the requirements on the list of items to bring to interview? My wife's N400 interview is next week. 1) She doesn't have a driver's license and 2) She askedme if she should take her state issued ID card and I said "No," because a) it's not on the list of items and b) the address on it is incorrect. We moved over a year ago, and while technically I guess we should have changed our ID's with the DPS, etc we have not done so. So IMO, since it's not listed as a requirement, why take it with you? On another note, I saw her watching videos to study for the test last night and one of the questions was, name 1 of the 3 branches of government. She said, "Congress," and the answer said Congress, the Courts, and the President. In my view that is incorrect. The correct answer should be Legislative, Judicial, or Executive branch. Technically yes, the video is kind of correct with Congress, Courts, and President, but the answer is really Legistlative, Judicial, or Executive Branch, no? She doesnt know how to answer that question now if she gets it.
  11. Interestingly... The day before my wife filled out the N-400 online, on Ocober 1, 2021, it said 13 months was the estimate for her field office. After she filled out the N-400, her personal one changed to 7 months. We got an email today stating something has changed. We logged in and it shows that they have scheduled her interview for Dec 14, 2021, wowsa!! We were expecting at least 7 months, if not 13 month. It has only been 39 days and they've scheduled her interview for December 14th! Interestingly that estimated timeframenow says 13 months again, so I wouldn't put much credence in the estimated timeframe
  12. My wife's interview has been set up for December 14th. On the Notice is a list of items to bring. One of the items is her passport. Her Passport is a Colombian passport and we've just recognized that it is expired. Does that matter? Do we need to jump through hoops to try to get her Colombian passport renewed within the next 34 days or can we just take the expired one? My thought process is that if we can take the expired one, I assume after getting her Citizenship she can get a US passport and we can use that to travel the next time we go to Colombia (nothing planned) and then renew her Colombian passport the next time we're in Colombia. Thoughts? Not sure why they want us to bring passport? Perhaps to confirm all trips outside the US?
  13. Wow! We just got notice of Interview setup as well. We applied October 1, 2021 and we received notice today that Interview is set for Dec 14th! Crazy Fast. Our main concern is the English and Civics test! Gotta start working on that ASAP! I wonder if we were to try to reschedule the interview (so my wife has more time to study), when they would reschedule for. We're really in no hurry, but... Citiizenship by April/May 2022 would be fantastic!
  14. Thanks for posting the link. This statement appears factual... Immigration agents can now consider your credit history and credit score when you apply for a different immigration status like permanent residence (otherwise known as a green card). While this next statement, I think she made up... Immigrants applying for a visa, green card, or citizenship should aim for a credit score “near or slightly above” the national average, according to the new rule. Back to my original concern... Can defaulting on debt, judgments, etc be considered as poor "moral character?" Thanks!
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