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    Find me on FB lexi marquardt

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    We met via Online (gotta love myspace) Left him a silly comment and we haven't been apart since!!! We both are hopeless romantics, I have a son from a previous marriage, he and Nick are great friends.. I am a very lucky girl, now if we survive this whole visa process, we hope to be getting married in October!!! :):) (yes I know we are nuts to plan a wedding before we have the paperwork but I am hopeful) PS my new last name will be Green the reason for the going Green comments!! I can't wait!!!

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  1. NOA2 please ( Was always taught to say please) so maybe it will help...

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    2. chevalnoir


      Sending positive thinking your way...

    3. yankepeach


      Oh wow. You know I bet you and I have the same processor who just so happened to be on vacation and then decided to take a few extra days off and then caught a nasty cold and had to stay home sick and the got into a little fender bender and was too sore to go to work for a few days then had to take the dog to the vet and miss the next day of work and then happened to go to the dr. to be told that he needed to take a few days off to recover from all the stress he is under then then then then.....

    4. Going Green

      Going Green

      Thanks for the giggle and the sad part is that is probably true!! :(:)

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