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    Henefer, Utah
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    History, making metal art items, Horses ( I owned and raised Arabians and Thoroughbreds for 30 years), raising calves, writing (I have a novel in progress now), looking up my ancestors ( first ones coming to America in 1629 and from there to Edward III and then all over Europe ending in 6 AD... I am the 11 generation born on American soil.) ,daughter and 2 sons (from late wife), 7 grand children and 4 great grand children. My daughter told me several years ago to talk to her brothers as she wanted to be an aunt before she become a grandmother. 4 grandkids later and she is still not an aunt.

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    K-1 Visa
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    California Service Center
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    Salt Lake City UT
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    Irina found me on the internet and sent an email Sept.12, 2004. Emails and phone calls but I am an owner operator trucker and can not get time to met Irina.

    Sept. 23 , 2005 Cell phone rings and a crying sobbing Irina asks "Where are you? Are you OK? That terrible storm."

    She was watching Hurricane Rita tearing up the Texas gulf coast on Russian TV news and knew I was delivering a truck load of cookies some where in Texas.

    One thing after another including replacement of both of my knees and a hip, we finally met Sept.17, 2009 in Moscow.
    Sept.22, we flew to Kaliningrad and bus to her apartment in Mamonovo.
    Sunday Sept. 27, 2009 sitting on a park bench in Yunost Park Kaliningrad City talking to Irina and Lyudmila Aleksandrovna Putina walks by on her way to give school children awards. Yes, Mrs Putin, we saw her on the news that night and the next day.

    I stayed with Irina until Nov, 2 2009 then came home for cancer surgery.

    3 PSA tests 0.01 indicates cancer gone so were are gathering paper work.
    Never in all that time has she complained beyond saying "I am lonely. I miss you."
    I129F mailed and deliered July 16, 2010.
    Though I am retired and drawing SS which makes over the 125 % of poverty with out touching my 401K I am back working driving truck in construction and demolition work part time. Well full time construction work is not steady usually so you might say it is full time.

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  1. For us it took from July 14 2010 to a March 30 2011 interview. That 8 months 2 weeks and 2 days so it hasn't changed much in 10 years. Like J Clark says reschedule if you can. The whole process is very stressful. It is also frustrating at times after arrival as USCIS often is slower than a glacier. Pray and hope for the best outcome.
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