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    Texas, Netherlands
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    Jen - Gardening, Cooking, Crocheting, Reading, Movies/Shows, Video Games, Spending time with Geert

    Geert - Action Figure collecting/customizing, Movies/Shows, Reading, Video Games, Spending time with Jen

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    IR-1/CR-1 Visa
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    California Service Center
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    May 2007: Met playing Ragnarok Online (multiplayer online game) through same group of friends, became good friends with each other.

    July 2007: Fell in love and Started Dating each other online.

    December 2007: Jen goes to visit Geert in the Netherlands for 1 month.

    May-July 2008: Geert visits Jen in USA for 2 months,
    July 07,2008 Geert proposes marriage to Jen at her favorite restaraunt.

    July 28,2008: We got married, small civil ceremony.

    December 2008-March 2009: Jen visits Geert for 3 months
    in the Netherlands.

    December 2009-February 2010: Geert Visits Jen in USA for 2 months.

    May 4, 2010 - Finally mailed off I-130 Packet!

    Wish Us luck

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  1. Trying to be patient, but it doesn't always work =(

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    2. Be83


      yeah, im sure...we have 7 weeks before my hubby is leaving to the states and no approval yet, instead a RFE last weekend. really no super bad thing they were asking for, but still....received our reply on wednesday, hoping for the best now, so i can leave together with him

    3. Jen and Geert

      Jen and Geert

      good luck Be83 with getting approval on time, I'm sure it's been difficult.

    4. Be83


      Thank you so much!! I should stop looking at timelines because alot if them make me really angry ;) trying to stay confident though! Everything will be fine! For me and for you as well!!

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