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    My biggest interest is getting the visa process finished so that I don't have to be separated from my Y ever again.

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    K-1 Visa
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    Vermont Service Center
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    Oklahoma City OK
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    Y and I met in France when I was there on a trip. There was an instant attraction but we did not act upon it. He was very professional and we had interesting discussions. It wasn't until he asked me to take a walk in the evening that I began to fall for him. We have been "unseparable" ever since. We talk daily and have spent time together on five separate occasions. As you all can attest, it is difficult to be apart. I find it amazing that it takes so much time to be with the one you love. If he were American, this wouldn't even be an issue; however, it also wouldn't be our story. We have been together now over two years.

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  1. My husband has made the decision to become a U.S. Citizen. We have talked about this before, but now that he has been here almost 4 years, he says that he wants to do it. I never pressured him to become a citizen since I felt that the decision was personal and had to be initiated by him. It feels surreal that he will be an American one day. I am very proud of the life we have created together here. No one I know has gone through what we have and most do not understand the immigration process...

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