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    April 2004... we met and fell in love, while i was on vacation in the Philippines
    May - Dec. 2004... endless text messaging, phone calls,and
    emails/chat sometimes
    Dec. 6, 2004...I went back to the Philippines to spend my
    holidays with J.
    Jan. 1, 2005... J proposed and I accepted!

    Just when I got my life organized and planned to do a lot of traveling, he shows up in my life! on my vacation of relaxation in the Philippines. I often laughed at friends who say, "you'll find somebody when you least expected, so don't you worry." I said, "yah, right! that's what people always say but it won't happen." Well, I ate my words, 'coz it happened to me. He is my cousin's bestfriend, didn't really like each other at first, but found ourselves hanging out together and getting to know each other. We found a lot of things in common, and finally fell in love. That was back in April 2004. After months of text messaging and phone calls, even chat online at times, I went back to the Philippines for the 2004 holidays. When I saw him again, "I knew." He proposed New Year's day, and I accepted! Now we're starting the process to be together... I love you sweetie!


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