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  1. You can't do that. You're going to have to wait patiently.
  2. No you do not need passport photos!! But bring them at your oath ceremony just in case you want to apply for your passport right after
  3. Be honest and bring all your paperwork and proof that it was paid. It should be fine. Good luck!
  4. Yes it's completely fine. Just get the stamp. Why waste your money to renew a green card that you dont need
  5. I am officially an American Citizen as of today and I'm so happy that this journey is OVER. This is my experience in San Diego. I got there at 6:40am and there was already a really long line. They didnt start letting people in until 7:15am. They had a separate lane for family; they had to sit on upper levels. The house was packed!! They had a dance performance, they talked about passports, voting registration, had to watch a video by that orange idiot, sang the star spangled banner, did the pledge allegiance. I was out the door by 10:50am. Apparently you're allowed to wear ripped Jean's for anyone who is curious about what they should wear. Good luck everyone!!
  6. Where are you? Is your office backed up? It will appear on your account the same time you get an email. You can always get another extension. Hang in there and be patient.
  7. I wore a black skinny jeans, floral shirt with a blazer and a black flat. Tomorrow is my oath and i have no idea what I'm wearing. Hmm whatever lol
  8. Call, make an infopass apt. USCIS takes their sweet ### time when it comes to rescheduling. Good luck!!!
  9. Radkova

    Planning to apply N-400;

    Go ahead and apply. You won't have any issue. During your interview they will ask you if you would like to change your last name; say yes. Also they will or may not ask you as to why you got a divorce. Mine did and I just explain that it was a mutual decision after 8 years and that's it.
  10. https://www.visajourney.com/forums/topic/702481-n400-april-2019-filers/
  11. I'm not sure how you were able to come back after being gone for 1 year 4 months and why your reentry was even approved. Someone else correct me, but I wouldnt apply for n-400 today. What did the lawyers say?
  12. I'm not sure when everyone that goes through uscis gets assigned an Alien registration # because I've had one since I was a kid but each one of them should have their own number and it should say A- and then a bunch of numbers. If you don't know that # then try calling their line or make an infopass
  13. Is that what she's asking? Damn, some of you are so bold. Make a copy and attach it to the girls packet. Can't answer the second question because I'm not understanding what you mean and I dont have the form right in front of me.