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    Being with the man I love so we can start our family.

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    K-1 Visa
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    Evans and I met on line Feb. 27 2009. I had went to Ghana and met him and his family. I instantly fell in love with him and his family, as they fell in love with me. We hope to marry as soon as possible. If, for any reason, that he does not get the visa, we already discussed about me moving there. Now we wait and see. Good luck everyone.

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  1. The trip was nice but short. I already want to return. LOL I just wish he had came home. Embassy was a waste of time, they couldnt do anything for us. even though they had his papers waiting to be picked up. Just cause they havent notified him, he couldnt get them.

    1. midge and isi

      midge and isi

      Glad you had a good time. Too bad about the embassy- keep emailing them. Do you know if they sent it out? We didnt get a letter at all! He has his packet but we still havent gotten the letter! Keep your head high. Hopefully you will get a december or early january interview....

    2. EvishMario


      Welcome back Flor. I was away for some time but I can see a lot has happened. This process is so overwhelming but I am sure we'll all get through it. We have our interview next week so we'll see how it goes. Take care

    3. VJ-Newbie


      Welcome back! Be encouraged! The packet will arrive -- he should be sure to keep checking his post office.

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