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    We started as a chat mate. We met in net very miraculously because if I didn't sign up on that dating network I will not be able to meet him. I am very blessed because my man is a good and rich in HEART!

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  1. Hubby will cancel my ticket! -( We're so sad!!! I guess there will be a delay on my visa because of my fingerprint. But just at least let us know about it. So frustrating!!!

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    2. beancare


      I have allergies right on my finger and the woman who took my FP said that the machine can't read my FP. I guess that's the reason why I don't hear anything yet about my visa. -( How I wish I can hear something from them what's going on.

    3. -teRe-


      sorry to hear that, but the lady should have just repeated the process until your fingerprints are read by the machine. Guess it won't hurt if you call them and check the visa status. Good luck!

    4. beancare


      The woman said if the Consular will not accept my FP they will redo it. I even asked if I have to come back but she said it depends what the consular will say. The Consular didn't say anything about it. I called the embassy yesterday and the operator just told me to wait for 3-6 weeks. Gosh! Not sure if she knows what she's talking about. She also said that they will not be able to see the status of my visa on their system. I'm getting frustrated! Hubby will call the embas...