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    My sister met Fletcher (and Australian) and upon hearing about me, Fletch starting insisting that I should meet his good friend from Australia. Her name is Natalia. I say yeah right. I'm not going through what my crazy sister is doing. No way. Well, they do their thing, he proposes to her, and she says yes. My sister that is. So now it's wedding time. Fletcher invites all of his close friends, but only one makes it...you guessed it. Sweet Tahli (nickname). She even sells her car just so she can make the wedding, and that means a lot to us obviously. Anyway, we meet at a restaurant one night and I think "wow she's pretty smokin', too bad she's from Australia." I think she has the same thoughts as me. Well, we hang out a couple nights and then one special evening, she asks if I'd like to go out some night alone. And I knew right then and there I found someone special. We wined and dined and then next thing you know, BAM! we are in love. Then she leaves and the email system gets a heavy dose of our courtship. She came back in November and stayed until January 6, 2005. I went there in April (and we decided to go DCF now instead of fiance). OH I FORGOT. She and I got engaged December 18th in Chicago. Very romantic and I suprised her big time. Best Christmas present ever. Her saying 'yes' that is. Wedding is in October, and we are getting a gift from a wealthy friend in advance....they didn't want us to wait 5 months to see each other and so they are flying her back out here in July! Yes! Very awesome. Anyway, yeah that's my story and I'm sticking to it.
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