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  1. Nowhere in the copy I have of my application does it specify whether I applied on the 3 or 5 year path. Maybe I am overlooking it? Where is this information located? I have been in the USA for 11 years as a green card holder. I did not submit my husband's birth certificate to my original application, nor did I submit any evidence of his citizenship. Only evidence of our marriage. The letter I received for the interview does not align with what I had to submit as evidence to my application - it is very confusing. I will take originals of everything I had to submit, plus my husband's passport as well as my own. I think that should do.
  2. I finally have a new date for my citizenship interview (almost exactly a year after my application, due to Covid). Hoorah! But, I can't remember if I applied under the "spouse of a US citizen" rule, or as a "5+ years green card holder" rule (I qualify for both). My application materials do not state either. I emailed USCIS with the very questions 2-3 weeks ago, but no response. Is there a way to find out? I will need to know since they require different documents that need to be presented at the interview. Tagging on to that, in case I have to bring the "spouse" documents: we do not have an original of my husband's birth certificate. Does anyone know if his passport suffices to prove his US citizenship? I did not have to submit a copy of his birth certificate at the original application. I did have to submit scanned PDFs of our marriage certificate and name change document, as well as his divorce certificate of a previous marriage. Will I need to bring the original documents of all these to my interview? The interview instructions lead me to believe that yes, I do. Thanks for confirming.
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