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    We as a couple love music, romance, the sea, go to cafe, to travel and learn, family, friends,faith. We have many interest we speak of politics, life, books, of our cultures, and others, what is in the news, watch football together (our team Barcelona). We like to walk no matter where it is as long as we are together. There is so much I could go on for hours. But stop by and meet us.

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    Our story starts in November the 12, 2009 this is the day I saw Jawads profile and he saw mine. We sent small message to one another. Then we started to talk so much. We found that we were the same so much. In what we like and love and how we look for life and one another. So much the same he would say I think I talk with my self. LOL
    The interesting part was that my daughter asked me to view her page in tagged and I tried but I had to have a page to be able to view. So I made my page and never thought I would meet the love of my life. The most perfect match. My soul mate.
    We spent so much time together online to know one another. After just a few weeks we knew we were so right for one another. Then after 3 months we spoke of gettting married. Of course he supprised me, and asked me to marry him So we started making plans. I met all the family online in cam. Every one is so wonderful to me. Even mom choose me over others. This is special to me.
    So i filed my taxes and made arrangments to go to Morocco and marry my love. I arrived March 1, 2009 and we married after much paper work and travel to get approval. We were approved and asked to be in court March 9, 2009. We were so excited and afraid at the same time until they called us and finished the dory and were married. We of course were so happy. We spent 2 weeks together and traveled and did so much together.
    I got back to the states and started to investigate what was the best option because of course I didnt know any thing of what I was doing. I was also afraid and wanted to make sure to not make any mistakes so I could have my husband here with me as soon as possible. Because I was going to have a difficult life with out him I knew this. So I hired a lawyer and we filed for a K-3 visa and was told this was the best option for my husband and my self. So of course not educated in this information or in other visa types I believed this and hired her. (I willl finish in the rest of the story in the morning). It's 1:25am

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