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    AandB got a reaction from Tracy123 in POE at YUL, Montreal Pierre-Élliot Trudeau Airport   
    Hey!! I did my POE last friday, it went very well!! So glad to be in Dallas with my fiancé, we'll get married very soon at the courthouse so i can start the AOS asap!!
    Here is just a short review for those who wants to POE at YUL:
    Me and my fiancé left Sherbrooke at 2:45am in a rental car, with our 4 check-in bags (2 each, one is overweight), one carry-on each (my dog is my carry-on, 100$ to bring my dog in the plane), and one personnal bag each. Yeah that's a lot of bags hehe!! Got in Montreal at 4:15am, dropped the rental car, and took the free shuttle to the airport. At 5am, we have our tickets and start the security check and customs line. There were a lot of people. At 6am, i'm finally talking to the first custom guard!
    So i say: I want to activate my K-1 visa today. So the guard asked me a couple questions and reminded me i have to get married in 90 days. he make me file the I-94, take my un-open packet. And then i have to go to secondary. There was a couple people waiting already. I waited in the waiting room for like 30 minutes, then a women told me to come inside a room. She hands me my passport, with the stamped I-94 inside of it. The only thing i'm wondering about, is that she didn't make me sign any papers. She prepared everything before i come in so i didn't have to do anything (but i really think i was supposed to sign something, no?) she didn't ask about what was in my bags, she not even took my dog's rabbies/health certificate, etc...
    At 6:45, i'm finally waiting at my gate for my flight. My dog was scared on the plane but with all the treats i gave her, she did very well hehe. Overall, the POE was very easy and painless. I just hope everything was well-done by the women so i don't get any problems
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    AandB got a reaction from klm9971 in I-751 November 2012 filers   
    I just received an email saying my CRI-89 was approved? Is it the same thing as I-751? I filled with VSC last November?
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    AandB got a reaction from Sweetcheeksss in Fellow Canadian VJers removing Conditions..   
    I didn't change anything, i just showed up early(8am) even if it wasn't my appointment day, showed proof of my travel arrangements, and they had to fit me in. Just print proof of your cruise, and your bio app letter and they'll let you in!
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    AandB reacted to Robert B in July 2010 AOS   
    Sweet my EAD has been approved Hellz to the yeah!!! No more sitting at home when it arrives
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