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    Kathryn was living in San Francisco. Richard, from Lancaster UK, travelled to Cornwall, met someone who suggested he go to US, New York, and then met someone who said they'd show him round SF. Went long way round, via SE Asia, and 9 months later ended up in SF and went to stay in a house in the Mission. Ended up crashing on a sofa and living on the landing outside Kathryn's room. Then, one fateful day, we met and very soon after we're together, almost all of the time. I know that we don't have much time, as I'd have to return to the UK, but we manage to stay together in Mexico but still the moment comes when I have to return home.

    Kathryn's version: A strange man comes to stay in my living room, and when I open the door to my room one night he's playing guitar in my hallway. I feel like I've met him before and after a few nights of conversation, we go out together for Halloween. We are rarely apart after that. Richard waits for me to finish grad school, and then we go to Mexico for three months. When money and time run out, I move to LA and we start the visa process (or the process of starting the visa process). It feels very odd to suddenly be separated from something I didn't know I needed until I met him.

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