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  1. This is good information to know, thank you! From what I understand, the oath ceremony usually takes place at least several weeks after passing the interview and tests. Is this correct? The interview is in early April and we plan on traveling for at least a week in mid-May. If the oath ceremony were to take place during our planned trip, could we reschedule for the next available oath ceremony? Regardless, if her passport from her home country is valid for several more years, none of this should matter I would imagine as she could just user her El Salvadoran passport.
  2. Hello, My wife has been scheduled to have her interview for the Civics and English test in early April. We do not anticipate any issues as her English is great and she's been studying a lot for the Civics test, so she will more than likely pass. Our concern is that we are planning on traveling to celebrate some major accomplishments that came from years of hard work and we would like to buy plane tickets for some rest and relaxation in the Caribbean. She has an El Salvadoran passport that she's used for international travel in the past when she was a permanent resident. If she passes her interview as well as her English and Civics tests in April, will her El Salvadoran passport immediately be no longer valid for international travel upon passing the interview and the tests? We wanted to travel in May as we have the whole month off from work at that time. I would think that this must happen all of the time and there must be some type of extension or window that still allows international travel for immigrants that were previously permanent residents and have just recently passed their interview for citizenship. I assume as of now she cannot apply for a U.S. passport considering she's still a permanent resident and if she passes her interview in April, she would not receive a U.S. passport in time for international travel in May, so this creates an issue for us. We need to buy the plane tickets soon before the prices get any higher (and if there's no definitive answer on this, I suppose I should buy the plane tickets with a refundable option in case she will not be able to travel internationally). Could anyone please provide some advice in regards to this? Thank you!