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  1. A little late to be replying to this 10-month old topic, but I wanted to report that my Hunanese in-laws applied to and interviewed at the Guangzhou consulate, and were successful in their application for tourist visas. It probably helped that we/they went all-out in preparing evidence of their ties to China, and of their intention to stay in the US for a short visit. They have since visited the US, and then returned to their home in China. Thanks for your help, Randy.
  2. Many years ago when my wife applied for tourist visas to visit the US, the location of her non-immigrant visa interview was determined by her place of residence and the various consular districts defined on the embassy website. Since we lived in Shanghai at the time, she interviewed at the Shanghai consulate. Now we are beginning to help her parents apply for tourist visas. The situation is different this time because they live in Hunan. However, I cannot find the consular districts defined anywhere on any of the embassy/consulate websites, nor on ustraveldocs.com. Does this mean B-2 applicants can interview at any consulate location they choose? It's so far to travel from their home in Hunan to Beijing, as the old district boundaries dictated, and we would much prefer to have them interview in Guangzhou. It will be even easier next year when the Wuhan consulate begins processing visas...
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