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    Kati and I met through a mutual friend we had on Facebook. I had become addicted to Farm Town and had met a Finnish girl on there. We started talking for a while and she proceeded to tell me that I should add her friend to my friends list. KATI I added her, but I figured she would deny me for some reason. Well she didn't deny me and we started to talk a lot. I work behind a computer all day long so it was easy to IM each other when she was available. One day I asked her if I could call her but she wouldn't give me her number. I found it on her Facebook page and finally was able to reach her. It was such an awesome experience. We both were scared that we wouldn't have a lot to talk about. For one Kati had not spoken English that much since school (She is 26) and I was just nervous. Well, almost an hour and half later and about 30 dollars :) we got off of the phone. Our relationship took off after we started talking on the phone. It was not uncommon for each of us to have like 500 - 600 dollar phone bills after that. I finally ended up getting Vonage and now our phone bills = 30 dollars per month :) I wish I would have found that our earlier. Anyway, Kati flew out to be with me June 6th thru the 21st 2009. It was so cool because she got off of the plane and it was though we had been together and around each other forever. I was a little nervous about meeting in person because I had been hearing all of these horror stories where people fall in love on the internet/phone and it ends up being something totally different when they meet in person. We were nothing like that. We had 2 amazing weeks. We just sat around here and got to know each other even more. I officially proposed to her while we were swimming in a hot springs. I didn't have a ring or anything, but we were engaged. We spent the next week finding out about the whole Fiance Visa program and filling out paperwork. What a pain in the @** The USCIS was useless as far as what to actually do. We searched forums and ended up getting most of the information from sites like this. I wish I would have fully known about this site because it has so much usefully information. Anyway, we finally got the money and the paperwork together and sent off the I-129F packet on June 18th. I drove Kati to the airport on the 21st of June. Talk about the hardest thing in the world to ever do. All I knew is that it would be months before I would get to see her, touch her, smell her, or be with her. The next week I got the NOA1 in the mail and we were really happy about that. The time since that has been one of the most interesting 3 months I have ever had. We have gone through so much growth in our relationship it has been crazy. We have learned how to communicate so good (talking) and learned how to be very patient in these 3 months. We are so in Love that we can handle the time apart, but when we do get to be together, it is going to be the most wonderful thing in the world.
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