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  1. guys, Tried to search the forum to find a close enough information on this but wasnt able to. If im wrong please delete this post and guide me to the related on. My father in law ( Green Card ) applied i-130 for his son who at the time of application was 19 yr and 6mons. The i-130 got approved and was ported to NVC for waitlist. We received the email yesterday from NVC that they are asking to pay DS260 and IV process, which to my knowledge is a process where the application came to top of the list. Currently my brother in law is 20yr and 10mons. For us to gather all documents which includes police clearance and passport clearance, its going to take atleast 7 business days. So to my assumption is we will mail all the documents to NVC by end of this month. Once NVC reviews and send either RFE( I hope not ) or send a case closing email n sending an interview date. My brother in law will be over 21. So my question ( worry ) is ? Will this create a problem or push his category to F2B ? Or will he have to wait until his file becomes current again for that category? Or is it safe to assume his age is locked as they are asking for sponsorship and all other documents? Please suggest