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  1. Just give them what you can, and explain in the cover letter why you can't give some of things they asked for - like the utility bills. I think in our case they wanted evidence of a history together. We were initially told NOT to send stuff that had already been seen by UCIS agents in London.... But they obviously wanted to see it. Between that and tons of photos from different places, on vacation, and with family members, we were ok. Good luck! Being on the other side of the process now, I'll echo what a lot of others have said: the stress, uncertainty, and anxiety are worse than the reality. If you're a genuine couple you have a right to bring your spouse to the US. It's just a matter of jumping through the right hoops.
  2. Thanks. I'm not sure it's worth the hassle of renouncing, as long as she doesn't want to travel there.
  3. Wow, that's surprising good news! I have UK/US dual citizenship and always use the passport of the country I'm traveling to (which I think is the law), but am surprised to hear that about GCs. So she can travel abroad and return only with a UK passport and a GC that says born in Russia? I don't think renouncing Russian citizenship is easy, and not renewing her Russian passport might actually impede the process. But she has no intention of ever going back so I'm not sure it's much of an issue.
  4. My wife got her residency and green card as a Russian citizen but also holds a UK passport. Her Russian passport is about to expire and she doesn't care to renew it (and may be renouncing at some point). Her UK passport is valid for a few years. We assume that her green card needs to match her passport when we travel abroad, and that using a UK passport with a green card that says Russia is not a good idea. Can anyone confirm? Is there any way to "convert" her green card to reflect her UK citizenship instead of Russian?