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  1. Hi there,

    Thank you for writing your review about your experience at RDJ. Do you by any change remember the order that you have to place your documents? I've been reading that at the consulate the ask people to place their documents in certain order. I was just wondering so I can have all my documents ready. Any information will be really appreciated :) Thanks!

  2. Hey, Débora! Yes, we did the interview already and no translations were necessary In fact, here's the generic list they ask for when you get there (at the consulate in Rio): Paper they give you to fill out 2 5x5 pictures with name written on the back Passport D-260 confirmation page Birth certificate and copy Marriage license and copy Divorce certificate and copy (only for the beneficiary) Military record and copy Police records from the state and federal police Financial information: - I-865 - Last tax return - Proof of citizenship - Other proof of income (There were also other things on the list that didn't apply to us, so I don't remember: employment letter if it was a work visa, student records if it was a student visa, papers about any criminal records, some document that was something like i-160... there might have been something else) They also wanted to see all passports with other US visas in them (expired and not). Not that I would suggest taking only that, but that's their generic list
  3. Trust me, I HAVE searched. Everything I've seen on here has told me that I haven't needed translations. We're in Brazil, applying in Brazil (no DCF). When we went to send the documents to the NVC, my lawyer said they all needed to be translated from Portuguese to English. After searching, I didn't agree, but I thought he probably knows better than me, so I had them translated. Now our interview is scheduled (in Rio) and my lawyer is telling me I need to take originals of all of my documents AND translations. I have most of them still, but the police reports have expired. Again, he's insistent that it IS necessary. Translations are expensive! Do I really need to take translations with me? I just can't wrap my head around the idea that I'll need to take English translations of Portuguese documents to an embassy in Brazil, but I also don't want to delay anything or have to return.