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    Together we love adventure, gardening and working with children. We also like mountain biking, river tubing, river rafting, snorkeling and will soon be trying SCUBA diving together.

    I love to cook while he loves woodwork, building and growing things. He is fascinated with the weather, loves the rain and working with numbers. I like to dance and play in the rain and love cats. We're both passionate, romantic, love to enjoy nature and get away from the noisy and crowded places.

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    Vermont Service Center
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    He was at home in Texas, checking out his new computer headset. Needing to find someone online who would tell him his headset/mike was working, he selected four random clicks in Yahoo chat; that being "Regional", "Canada", "Montreal" and one of the Montreal chatrooms.

    That day, I just got out of law school class. Though tired, I went to an Internet Cafe. It was then, I too, found myself making the same 4 clicks he did. That's how we met online, in the Montreal chat room, on December 7, 2002.

    We felt a very special connection on our first conversation, lasting for almost 2 hours; even though we suffered several disconnections from the internet. That started our exchange of emails, chats and calls. We became interested with each other and the next month, Jan 2003, he flew to Manila where I met him and we stayed together for a week vacation.

    On July to Aug 2003, we spent a 3 week vacation together in Cebu and Bohol. On this trip, we started to plan our life together. Then, in 2004, we decided we will lease a home in General Santos City. This is where we've lived together for 3 months at a time at an interval of 4-5 months for the past 7 years.

    As we all know, the judicial proceedings in the Philippines is real slow. My annulment process was very stressful and painstaking. During the time of waiting, George and I organized a non governmental organization, (NGO), to cater to the needs of the children in Gensan.

    You can find our website at: (http://www.gracegeneralsantos.org)

    From that point forward, we prepared for our future together. I quit my law studies and enrolled in Nursing. I am now a Registered Nurse.

    Within seven years, we came to know each other more. Our love and respect for each other has even grow stronger and deeper. After his 10 trips to the Philippines to be with me, and after the completion of my much awaited annulment, we started another journey. On June 26, 2009, he submitted his petition for fiancee visa before the Vermont Service Center. We both know its another wait, but then its another step towards the fulfillment of our dreams to share a LIFE Together.

    May God be with us!

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