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    We've had somewhat of a whirlwind courtship:
    A year after a nasty divorce, I decided to treat myself to a "single guy's vacation" in Thailand, a place I'd been to twice before with my ex. Since I would not be bringing sand to the beach this time, I intended to avail myself of all the fun a single, selfish guy with a little money could have. After some soul-searching though, I realized that the likely outcome would be that I'd develop feelings for a "working girl" which would almost surely lead to misery. So, I decided to try to meet some nice, respectable women for lunch dates during my vacation through the dating site ThaiLoveLinks.com. I thought that if I did not make a "connection" with any nice girls, I could always fall back on fun with some "bad" girls. I quickly began chatting with about 10 girls before I met Chanisa, a restaurant manager, who was far and away the most engaging, fun, and intelligent woman I'd ever spoken to (in person or online). After 10 straight days of chatting/speaking with her, often for 5 or 6 hours at a time, I threw caution to the wind and we both turned off our TLL profiles. I broke the other lunch dates I'd already set up with some other women and traveled to Thailand to spend all 3 weeks solely with Chanisa and Chanisa only. Wow! Although we'd seemed very compatible online, in person we seemed to be ridiculously well-suited to each other. After 7 days, I proposed marriage and she accepted!! Since returning to the USA at the end of July, we have been speaking on the phone twice a day (thank god for Skype!) and hope she can be here on a K-1 visa before Christmas. We've already received NOA2, and I'll be calling to see where our packet is on Nov 9, 2009. God bless Thailand!!! I've never been so happy!!!
    UPDATE: Unfortunately, my honey won't make it here by Christmas (due, seemingly, to a 2-week break in interviews at the BKK embassy), but we're very happy to have just heard that her interview is scheduled for December 30! So, if all goes well with her interview (and we have no reason to think it won't), she will be flying in to SFO the first or 2nd week of January!! Can't wait to hold her again!!!
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