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    I met Chun online in 12/2008. Started with just emails, then webcam and mic. I was very surprised that we have many things incommon. Her daughter Anqi thinks we have ESP, because Chun and I know each others heart so well. I traveled to Beijing in May and met her at the airport. We both had big smiles that lasted for hours. I couldn't stop looking at her. It was like having a dream and after seeing Chun for 5 months on the web, it was a dream come true. We stayed 2 days in Beijing, then we took the train to Harbin. The time there was very busy, shopping, eating, Dragon Boat Festival, more eating, meeting her family and friends. I must say the Chinese people love to eat and very healthy food too. The times with her I will never forget, we talked and translated for many hours. Her English has become good. I asked her to marry me and she said shi de, yes. We bought an engagement ring and she tells me her friends are jealous. Meeting her family was very special. They had some questions for me and I must of answered them right, because the gave me a necklace with a Fu to wear. I wear it always. We had an engagement dinner at a restaurant and took many pictures as a family. Then it all came to an end, I had to leave for the U.S. I never felt so bad in all my life. When I went back in October for 2 weeks the leaving part ripped my heart out. I was thinking what could I do to stay here, but being a responsible person I had to go. I told Chun on the way to the airport, I hate this leaving you. I wanted to cry. Its like she died and I mourn her passing. I know soon we will be together again and we will never part again. I filed our K-1 on October 2nd, so know we wait.
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    Chun and I at Silver Creek Falls park.