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    Our Story... well I have been a video gamer for quiet a few years, one person that I had played with for quite some time I met IRL about a year ago now. He's in the USMC and had a marine friend that played the same video game but on a different server and had asked him to transfer to play with us. This is how I was introduced to Kenyth - we became friends easily and after a few months, we decided we felt more than friendship. Kenyth was taking leave in July and had asked if I would come meet him and his family. I did. It was comfortable and as wonderful as we both thought it would be. He proposed. I returned to Canada and we started researching K-1 Visas. This is what brought us here. I took another trip to visit him on base (where I will be living with him) and he is coming here for Christmas. We are extremely excited to start our life together and nothing has felt more right to either of us. Thank you for reading our story.
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