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  1. Yes please! Thank you. We love Boulder. Thank you!
  2. We waited so long because of conflicting information we received and were afraid that if we filed a new one right away that it would get denied because we were already in removal proceedings. The procrastination was stupid - and I am not going to sugar coat the fact that we waited as long as we did. My husband has a tendency to not want to face things and his pride has prevented a more progressive stance in a lot of ways. I think he feels upset that he is being treated like a criminal- but entered this country legally, has worked since he stepped foot on US soil, pays taxes and yet thousands of illegals who cannot even speak English get treated like they are a protected class. At one point he even said that it's like the USA wants him to be fearful of going home, to the country he loves and he would not be upset to go home to his family and life there at all. He is college educated and not some boy on the beach. That being said, we have a son here and a life and that makes him rethink that position. I wish we could have just gotten a lawyer and really wish that at the interview we had in 2013 when I was 8 mos pregnant - we would have gotten a better field officer who would have changed our filing to a joint removal since we had evidence and proof of a genuine marriage. Since that time, he has had to get stamps in his passport allowing him to work and each time the officer we deal with says we really got a bad deal and that the officer could have made the change but just didn't feel like being nice that particular day. Not serious about it? Why would you say such a thing? How unkind of you.
  3. Thanks everyone! I really appreciate your comments and advice.
  4. ah ha!!!! Ok. Thank you!!!!!
  5. Thank you. Do you think our filing one now even though the hearing is in December will be too late? Also, since it was a municipal charge- will it even show up on the criminal check? He's since gotten a new job and passed background checks.
  6. Thank you very much for your post. When the "wrong" filing got denied back in 2013 - we were told by an attorney that it would be a waste of time filing a joint I-751 since it was already in the court system. THEN when he had the hearing in March - judge said to file the new 1-751 form and then moved the hearing to next month. As we were preparing the form, that is when the question came up about the criminal history and we just froze- like what do we do now! Now I am just freaking out about the DV and if its "moral turpitude" he is a great man, great father- it was a stupid fight and now it may cost us everything.
  7. Thank you. City of Aurora. I think it will be very hard to get an attorney while already in removal proceedings and just over a month to go before the hearing now. No one wants to touch our case it seems. We even tried charity organizations- but they only want to help illegal immigrants.
  8. Thank you! Yes, I think maybe there was a jerk of a cop who said that. Yes, I know an attorney is best. I will do that and see if we can find one who can help us. I just dont know how strict the judge will be or if the I-751 will be denied. If he gets deported, my life will be crushed and that of our little boy.
  9. Hello everyone. Long story short, when the 2 year date was up in 2012 and my husband needed to file to remove conditions, we had separated. Needless to say we had a rough start. Anyway, he filed the wrong form and claimed hardship and of course it was denied, as there was not hardship. We reconciled and even had a baby together, but they didn't care when we had the interview and would not let us change the reason for removal to a joint form- he has been in removal proceedings every since and they keep moving the date - this has been since 2013! Now, we need to refile- cannot afford an attorney and he has a hearing next month. My question is - he was arrested back in 2014 for a domestic fight we had. It really was a stupid thing and he is not a violent person- but here in Colorado, if there is a domestic dispute, someone is going to jail. Will this mean he will not be approved? Does anyone have experience with getting a criminal history before removal of conditions? I am very scared and worried.