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    In January of 2000 my ex wife left me and our 3 children. I have full custody of the kids. I am 28 years old as of this writing. After she left, I ended up moving home and decided that I needed to go to college. After graduating from college, I got a job working as a contractor for another company that employs many vietnamese people. After months of working with them, they became familiar with my situation. Many of them would mention relatives in Vietnam and would show me pictures. I met my fiance Yen through her cousin Keiu, where I work. Kieu told me about Yen and how she is around kids in vietnam alot and that it would be a blessing that I have kids to Yen. I talked to Yen through letters and on the phone for a few months and we connected right off. It wasn't long before I was regulary invited to Kieu's home for dinners and for my kids and the other kids in the family to play. After I knew I wanted to meet this woman, I had to find a way to get to Vietnam. I am not rich by any means. Keiu's family loaned me the money for the airplaine ticket to meet Yen. I had an incredible time with her and her family there. She is a very thoughtful and loving woman. She ALWAYS is sending my kids hand stiched clothing, and other gifts. She called over here on her own and had a birthday cake delivered to me. Things like that. I love her very much and my children and I hope she will be here very soon.

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