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    Our story started way back in 1997...

    I was only 15 years old and he was 18. He was already a Youth Pastor and I was an active youth member. We would see each other during conventions, youth fellowships and church gatherings...

    One day a friend of ours introduced us to each other at a youth fellowship. He was a youth pastor of one of our neighboring churches while I was an attendee from another church... At first, it was nothing but a casual "hi" and "hello" (well, atleast to me! lol) (love you babe)...

    We would see each other on random church gatherings...and we would say our "hi's" and "hello's"... and that's about it

    Until one day - 1999, in our church, I saw this familiar face... I was like - NO WAY! It can't be "him"... but yup, it was "him" . He was surrounded with our church members... He gave me his usual smile and I waved and gave him my usual smile as well.

    There were a lot of questions in my mind... I was like.. What is he doing here? Why is everybody greeting me and telling him "welcome"? Is he our new Youth Pastor?!

    And of course, his smile (and the smile of the girls - yes he is very much good looking) confirmed it all!)

    I don't know but for some odd reasons, seeing him there made me feel happy. I wasn't really into him during that time but his presence makes me feel a little weird...

    You see, I'm sorta weird. It's not that I hate guys or anything but I promised my grandma and my parents that I wouldn't entertain anybody until I finished college... also, I knew that I can't have a boyfriend because my parents are petitioning us to go to United States...

    But you see, my plan SORTA didn't turned out the way I wanted it to be... As time passes by, our friendship became stronger... Him becoming our youth pastor made us even closer. Everybody in our church thinks that we have a "potential"...but of course, in time. I was already 17 and he's almost 20.

    The problem is... to nobody's knowledge, I will be leaving for the US in a few months. I was really saddened because of that fact. I couldn't tell him either. Until one day, I finally had the courage to tell him... Of course he was saddened... I was too :(

    Before I left, he courageously told me that he has feelings for me... i was like - YES finally! hehehe.. but then, I rejected him... :( Yup I did. I rejected him because I don't believe in Long distance relationship... how sad :(

    I told him that we could be friends instead :) and he agreed of course..

    We kept our communications open through the years... we became each others confidant... I would call him and he would call me. We would write each other through FRIENDSTER (thank God for Friendster!)... We would share our "heartaches" and "frustrations" (yes, he had gfssss and I had bfssss lol)... we were very open to each other... I consider him as my spirirtual mentor...

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